Stockton Offers Great Winter Crappie Fishing

This story originally appeared in the Joplin Globe.

By Brent Frazee

Most crappie fishermen think of warm, sunny spring days when they envision the best crappie fishing of the year.

Not Kris Nelson, a guide at Stockton Lake. He pictures the bone-chilling, dreary days of winter.

“We have days when we have to bust ice to get out there, but that’s when I want to be fishing,” said Nelson, who runs Tandem Fly Outfitters Guide Service and owns Stone Creek Lodge. “The weather can be pretty nasty, but the fishing is great. Once the crappies get balled up on the main lake, you can sit over them and catch ’em one after the other. And they’re nice-sized fish.”

Indeed, Nelson enjoys some of his best fishing at a time of the year when most anglers are inside watching fishing shows on TV.

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